Which Proxy Should I Use?

Starting January 2015, you may now use proxy.upd.edu.ph / port 8080 for ALL your DilNet connections (LAN, WiFi and Dormitories).

In order to not encounter problems with not knowing which DILNET proxy to use, please follow the steps indicated below.


QUESTION 1. Where will you connect to DILNET?*

A. In a dormitory

Either wireless or wired, use dormproxy.upd.edu.ph, port: 8080.

B. In an office or in an academic building

Proceed to QUESTION 2.


QUESTION 2: How will you connect to DILNET?

A. WiFi

Use proxy7.upd.edu.ph, port: 8080.

B. Wired

You may use one of the following proxy addresses:

proxy.upd.edu.ph, port: 8080


NOTE: If you are a member of the faculty, you may opt to use facultyproxy.upd.edu.ph, port: 8080. This will work regardless on whether you are connected in a wireless or in a wired DILNET connection.