DILNET Helpdesk

The Diliman Network (DilNet) Helpdesk was established to provide technical support to the services that the Computer Center maintains. It is composed of a team of full-time Computer Center employees as well as part-time Student Assistants. The main task of the Helpdesk is to address network-related problems within the Diliman Network, in addition to assisting students, faculty and staff in their inquiries.

Our Helpdesk is open to assist on the following issues:


  1. Network troubleshooting on workstations at offices, UPD buildings and dormitories.
  2. Network configuration of new workstations to connect to DilNet.
  3. Assistance for configuration of similar devices (WiFi Printers, Smart TVs, WiFi Access Points, etc.) to the office network
  4. Cable crimping services
  5. WiFi troubleshooting
    1. Connecting to DilNet
    2. Connecting to Eduroam

Note: Computer reformatting, virus/malware issues, OS Installations, data recovery are NOT included in the Helpdesk scope.

DilNet Account Issues

  1. Requesting for DilNet account
  2. Account recovery for DilNet account, password reset (only available to active faculty, student and staff only)

UP Mail Account Issues

  1. Account creation
  2. Account recovery
  3. Account tagging and update
    1. UP Unit Tagging (e.g. UP Manila to UP Diliman)
    2. Tagging type (e.g. Student to Faculty)

UPD Webmail Account Issues

  • Mail Forwarding
  • IMAP/POP configuration
  • Missing emails
  • Mail Quotas

Remote Access

  1. Request for VPN (upon approval – instructions can be found here:
  2. Troubleshooting VPN-related issues

Zoom Services

  1. Login troubleshooting
  2. Request for Webinar (upon slot and date availability).

Software Subscription Services

  1. Request for ArcGIS Licenses (ArcGIS 10.8.1, ArcGIS Pro 2.8 and ArcGIS Online only).
  2. Request for Adobe Licenses (currently no slots available).
  3. Request for SPSS Licenses (currently no slots available).

NOTE: Requests for the following software subscriptions belong to the respective offices:

  1. NVIVO Licenses – contact the OVCAA at
  2. Office 365 Licenses – contact the UP ITDC or access this link when you are logged in your UP Mail account:
  3. SLIDO Licenses – available only for UP Faculty, kindly contact the UP ITDC or this link: