Difference between a DILNET and UP Mail account

Your DilNet account is used to access the following UP Diliman online services:

  • UPD Webmail : https://mail.upd.edu.ph
  • CRS (Computerized Registration System) : https://crs.upd.edu.ph
  • iLib (Integrated Library System) : https://ilib.upd.edu.ph
  • EZProxy (Off-site Library Resource Access) : https://ezproxy.upd.edu.ph
  • UVLE (Online Course Management System) : https://uvle.up.edu.ph
  • DILNET Wifi : DILNET Wifi Hotspots
  • EduRoam: How to connect to Eduroam

The UP Mail account is one of the services provided by the UP System Information Technology Development Center (ITDC). This can be used to access the following services:

  • GSuite for Education: GMail, GDrive, GDocs, Google Classroom, Google Meet, etc.
  • Microsoft Office 365: for more information click here.
  • Zoom: for more information, click here.
  • SLAS Online: https://slas.up.edu.ph
  • UVLE and CRS require prior DILNET account before you can attach to a UP Mail account.