IMAP/SMTP Configuration Guide for THUNDERBIRD

1. Log in to UPD Webmail ( using your DilNet account.

2. Click the Settings, then click on the Account Information tab. In that page, take note of the Incoming Server Name.

IMAP Information

3. Next, open Mozilla Thunderbird. From the Tools menu, select Account Settings.

4. At the bottom of the window, click the Account Actions option, then select Add Mail Account…

5. A new window will then appear. In the text fields, enter your name, your UPD Webmail address, and your DilNet account password. Click Continue.

6. Other options will then appear in the window. Click Manual Configuration

7. Select IMAP as the type of incoming server you are going to use.  For the incoming server hostname, type the Incoming Server Name given in the IMAP information which you viewed in Step 2.

8. Next, select 993 for the incoming port option, and select Normal Password for the incoming authentication

9. For the outgoing options, set the outgoing server hostname to

10. Select 465 for the outgoing port option, and select Normal Password for the outgoing authentication.

Your settings should now look something like the screenshot below.

Thunderbird: Add New Account

Once you have made sure that all the settings are correct, you may click “Re-test” to check if Thunderbird is able to successfully detect the settings you have configured. Click “Create Account” to finalize your account. The Mail Account Setup window will then close.

Click OK in the Account Settings to finish configuring your Thunderbird account.

If you need further assistance in setting up your account, send an email to, or call DilNet Helpdesk at 981-8500 local 2050.