Proxy Configuration Guide

Since the regular semester is back, this means our network capacity is once again back to peak levels. For everyone there, especially dormers who think their Internet is slower-than-usual (or no network at all), here’s how you can help us help you:

1) Ensure first that you have a DilNet account prior to attempting to connect to a DILNET-WiFi Hotspot across the campus.
2) For Dormers, please make sure that you have the correct proxy settings (, mind the “d” please / port 8080) before posting that you are experiencing NO NET at all.
3) If you have problems configuring your browser, we have some guides you may check out: if you still can’t figure it out, just drop by the office and our SAs will gladly assist you.
4) For those dormers reporting no-net/poor performance, kindly DM/Message us your username and let us know which wing/floor you belong. Why is this important? Because we can check exactly which AP in the dorm you are connected, and this will help us help you further down the troubleshooting process.
5) For those experiencing numbers appearing on their DilNet connection (e.g. Connected to DILNET 6), this is a recurring Windows problem that occurs when you connect to the same SSID but clearly belongs to a different network. There is a workaround on this problem discussed here:

Lastly, please stick to our Acceptable Use Policy (yes we have one here and use the Internet wisely! You might be downloading that video of your favorite series, but your dorm mate on the other room downloading his/her journals for class is suffering from slow-net.