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Academic Buildings/Libraries:
  1. University Computer Center Registration (2nd Floor)
  2. EEE Building
  3. Engineering Libraries (1 and 2)
  4. Vinzons Hall (Ground Floor, 2nd Floor USC area, 3rd Floor OSSS area)
  5. School of Economics
  6. College of Business Administration
  7. College of Science Library
  8. CSSP (Palma Hall 1st & 2nd floor lobbies, AS 101, odd and even wing classrooms on all floors)
  9. Palma Hall Pavilion 1 1st and 3rd Floor
  10. CAL-FC – (CAL Atrium, FC Gallery 2, Faculty Lounge, Katag/Grad Office, Anthropology Dept. area)
  11. College of Architecture (library, various areas)
  12. Asian Institute of Tourism Library
  13. College of Mass Communication (various areas) and Media Center
  14. Asian Center Library
  15. Institute of Islamic Studies
  16. College of Human Kinetics  (Sports Lab, Library and Gymnasium)
  17. College of Music (Annex Building, Library)
  18. College of Education (MITC, 1st Floor Lobby, SPED Dept, Library)
  19. Melchor Hall (various locations)
  20. DMMME Ground Floor Lobby
  21. National Center for Public Administration and Governance (various locations)
  22. Main Library
  23. School of Statistics
  24. School of Labor and Industrial Relations Library
  25. Archaeological Studies Program  (Albert Hall Lobby)
  26. Technology Management Center
  27. College of Home Economics (Alonso Hall Lobby and Library)
  28. College of Law Library
  29. College of Social Work and Community Development (Library, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor common areas)
  30. College of Fine Arts (Faculty, Computer Room, Admin Office Area)
  31. Diliman Interactive Learning Center (DILC) Training Room
  32. Diliman Learning Resource Center (DLRC)
Residence Halls/Dormitories:
  1. Yakal Residence Hall
  2. Ipil Residence Hall
  3. Ilang-ilang Residence Hall
  4. Kalayaan Residence Hall
  5. Sanggumay Residence Hall
  6. International Center
  7. Molave Residence Hall
  8. Kamia Residence Hall
  9. Sampaguita Residence Hall
  10. Concordia B. Albarracin Hall (Centennial 1)
  11. Centennial 2 Residence Hall
  12. Acacia Residence Hall (Lobby)
  13. Balay Atleta