I composed a long message (which took me hours to write). But when I clicked “Send Message”, I was logged out and my message was not sent.

When the server does not detect an activity from a user for a period of time (hours), it will automatically log-out the user. Unfortunately, the server will not be able to determine that you are typing a message and will log you out (If it takes you hours to compose a message).

To avoid this incident, compose your message in another application and paste your completed message in the compose window of UP WebMail. If you are using “Microsoft Windows”:

  • Open “Accessories-> Notepad” and type your message (periodically saving to your local hard disk just in case you encounter a power interruption).
  • From the Notepad menu, click “Edit-> Select All” (or CTRL-A).
  • Then click “Edit-> Copy” (or CTRL-C).
  • Switch to the “Compose” window of WebMail and input the recipients (To:) and the Subject.
  • In the message body part, paste your message by typing “CTRL-V” (or right-click and select “Paste”).
  • Finally, click “Send Message” to send your message.

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