How do I know if my message was sent successfully?

The compose window will only close if the message was sent successfully (i.e. unless you see an error, it is assumed to be successful).

Check your sent-mail folder, it should contain the message you sent (unless you un-selected “Save a copy in sent-mail” before sending the message).

If you clicked “Reply” on a message and sent your message, the answered message will be colored green.

The current system (01/23/2002) does not have a “sent mail successfully” message on the page. We are currently finding a way to reliably display a message that will inform the users if their message was successfully sent to the mail server (for sending to the recipient(s)).

If you incorrectly typed the email address of the recipient or the message cannot be sent to the recipient’s address, you will receive an email message from the mail server software indicating an error.

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