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NOTICE: Since last week, there have been a number of clients being unable to access UPD sites, namely those from PLDT DSL or Home Fibr subscriptions. For almost all of the cases, we have done a test that determined that PLDT’s DNS is at fault on the matter. To check if you fall under this category, please do the following: • Instead of “upd.edu.ph” type on your browser. If that works and the former doesn’t, it is highly likely that PLDT’s DNS are unable to resolve the URL. • Furthermore, you can do a traceroute with 1) using upd.edu.ph and 2) using If you get an “Unable to resolve host target name” before performing the traceroute but the IP address works, then this is PLDT’s DNS issue. (to traceroute, use this: http://www.wikihow.com/Traceroute) • Get your IP address go the the website http://www.whatismyip.com then record your IP and send it to us. • Lastly, report this incident to PLDT. As much as UPD is a big organization (we’re complaining on our side as well), PLDT is an even bigger telco that needs a sheer number of customer complaints for them to take action from different sides, different nodes. That way their engineers will see that there is indeed a problem with their DNS servers. Thank you all for your patience and consideration on this matter.

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There have been reports of inaccessiblity to Facebook from DilNet, which we traced was due to our tertiary ISP’s inability to resolve DNS requests to Facebook, which happened to be its best route. For the meantime we are disabling our tertiary ISP until they resolve the issue. Connection quality should not be affected due to lower traffic during the holidays.

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After a long round of investigations with our upstream providers, the Bayantel access issue with UPD should be resolved already. We thank all those who have helped us resolve this issue by reporting to us their downtimes and sending us their traceroutes and IP addresses, thank you for your patience on this matter! Please report to us if you are a Bayantel subscriber and still can not access UPD sites. Thank you!

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At around 11:00 PM last night, our secondary ISP has been reported DOWN. Cause of downtime is still being investigated by our ISP. Network capability should be unaffected as traffic has been effectively routed to our primary and tertiary Internet Service Providers.

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Last night there was a problem with our dormproxy that caused the system to endlessly (actually maximum of 6) ask the user for authentication due to some limitations with the cache peering (which was enabled to improve performance). The situation has been rectified as of 10AM today. Apologies and thank you for notifying us on the matter via FB/Twitter.

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